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Stop The ManKind Project's exploitation of Indigenous traditions

The ManKind Project (MKP) has made millions by using sacred Indigenous cultural traditions without appropriate permission or any compensation.

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men paid to attend MKP sweat lodges


current price to attend MKP event & sweat lodge


charged selling sacred Indigenous traditions


sweat lodge ceremonies sold


Profit shared with Indigenous communities

Help us protect Indigenous spirituality

Read SPIRIT's letter to MKP

Understand exactly what MKP is doing and how it violates Native American rights, laws, and sacred traditions.

Learn about cultural appropriation

Browse our curated collection of resources to learn why it matters, how it impacts Indigenous peoples, and how to be an ally.

MKP doesn't want you to see this

We've collected censored material and internal documents showing the behavior of MKP's leaders and its Lodge Keepers Society, who conduct sacred sweat lodges without permission from the Indigenous communities who originated it.

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